Wordplays – December 2017

Wordplay group meets on the first Saturday of the month, 12pm at South Sydney Uniting Church, 56a Raglan St Waterloo. Next meeting in February. All welcome.

Maidie remembers …


At nine years old –

72 Derwent coloured pencils

in a tin box,

a just ripe mango,

and a newly minted

$2 coin –

her best Christmas



Catherine Skipper


Whilst Driving from Maroubra to Redfern


Why do we’s-es chop down trees-es?

Why do us-es spoil the buses?

Why let narks wreck the parks?

Why do we need WestConnex?

To reach the Race Course, of course

And the Stadium, what tedium!

Even the cricket makes me sick-et

And the footy makes me snooty

Let’s save the trees, please!


Flim Flam


Always in My Heart


Always in my heart, a voice

Shows me my every wrong

Reaches the depths of my heart


When I am hurt, it moves strong

When I am hurt, it moves strong

It moves strong


I feel your spirit pulsate

I draw my strength from your love

One true spirit in the world


At times, I think it’s from above

At times, I think it’s from above

It’s from above

It’s from above


Duncan Wilkie

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