Volunteers make a world of difference

National Volunteer Week is the annual celebration to acknowledge the generous contribution of our nation’s volunteers. From May 20-26, thousands of events will be held across the country to say thank you to the six million Australians who volunteer their time. This year’s theme is “making a world of difference”.

The SSH relies on volunteer editors, writers, photographers, artists and distributors. Without them, there would be no newspaper. Special thank you to Pat Clarke, who writes our regular Volunteers’ News column, Subeditors Cathie Harrison and Melinda Kearns, and Louisa Dyce, Assistant Editor, who makes a world of difference by way of organisation and distribution, writing, commissioning and collating.

Forthcoming issues will include articles from a new team of dedicated content editors. Thank you to all: Lyn Turnbull (News), Miriam Pepper (Environment), Brittany Johnson (Human Affairs), Dorothy McRae-McMahon (Interfaith), Megan Weier (Health), Maidie Wood (Legal), Shale Preston (Books), Lindsay Cohen (Film) and Catherine Skipper (Theatre).

We are keen to add a volunteer Sports editor to the team, someone with a passion for local and under-reported sports and fitness activities. Please contact us if you would like to apply for this position (editor@ssh.com.au).

Counterpoint Community Services (CCS) invites nominations for the 2019 Redfern & Waterloo Volunteer (nominations close April 12).

Nominees do not have to be residents of Redfern or Waterloo but should meet one of the following criteria: volunteer or group of volunteers whose contribution provides help to families, individuals or groups within the Waterloo or Redfern area; volunteer or group of volunteers involved in a program or project that has had a lasting benefit for the Redfern or Waterloo community, or has improved the quality of life for its residents. Contact CCS for details (info@counterpointcs.org.au or 9698 9569).

Contact CCS for details (info@counterpointcs.org.au or 9698 9569).

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