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RedWater Montage – Volunteers … the heart of our Community is a booklet with 39 stories about what people do for others in Redfern and Waterloo, and where they do it. It is also a taster that might tempt others to step in and give a helping hand on a management committee, a campaign or with some odd jobs.

The idea for the booklet, produced by South Sydney Community Aid and The Factory, arose from reflecting on stories an overseas speaker told about his community. There were lots of similar stories that could be told about our community but no one had ever collected them. The Montage Project was about collecting and telling our own community stories through the eyes of the volunteers.

Far from being apathetic this community has a very large number of volunteers as anyone who attends the annual volunteer awards can attest. This is only a taster, there are lots of other stories and the plan is to set up a website where new stories can be added and organisations’ contacts updated. Printed copies have been distributed around community centres and services or you can download it from the REDWatch website at: www.redwatch.org.au/redw/services/120901fcc/view/.

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