‘Two ladies, two guitars …’ – An interview with Julia Jacklin of Salta

Nu-folk songsters Salta will join 16th/17th-century aficionados I Cantarini for a one-night-only performance at the SSH dinner/fundraiser on October 18.

Liz Hughes and Julia Jacklin of Salta (Photo: Andrew Collis)
Liz Hughes and Julia Jacklin of Salta (Photo: Andrew Collis)

Where are things at for Salta right now?

As a whole band we are on a bit of a hiatus at the moment. Liz [Hughes] and I have been working on a duo project called Video Set, which is two-part harmony original songs played to videos that we have filmed ourselves. Lots of songwriting this year though, our housemates might say too much!

Any plans for the summer?

At the moment we are just playing a lot of Sydney shows and working on starting some house gigs with local musicians. Next year Liz and I are planning on travelling to the States to look around, stalk our idols and hopefully play some small shows over there.

There was a music video you made earlier in the year. Can you share a little about the making of the video?

That was for our song “Blood”. We have some really talented friends who made that clip for us. We were there just for a day, got covered in some fake blood (chocolate sauce, who knew?), lip-synched and walked around a room full of red things. They did all the muscle work and shot some really interesting macro shots. It was really fun to be a part of, always thought doing something like that would be quite awkward. You can find it on youtube.

What have you been listening to lately? Inspiring music? Other inspirations?

I recently went to the States for six weeks and saw a lot of great music there. I have not been quite able to move on yet, so most of the songs I’ve been writing at the moment have been America inspired. I’m always inspired by female singer/songwriters, at the moment I’m listening to Karen Dalton, Iris Dement, Mountain Man, Anais Mitchell, as always Fiona Apple, and still can’t get over Laura Marling’s latest release. Also there are some great bands and musicians playing a lot in Sydney that we have had the pleasure of seeing and playing alongside: Persianlovecake, G.C. O’Connor, Nic Cassey, Rusty Spring Syncopators, Betty and Oswald, Alphamama, The Darkened Seas.

You’ll be performing on October 18 as part of the SSH fundraiser at The Settlement Neighbourhood Centre. What can dinner guests expect?

Two ladies, two guitars, two-part harmonies, hopefully in tune and in time!

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