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Threat to displace tenants from their homes

While credit must go to the young academics who planned and carried through an open discussion of Defense of Housing (see page 12), the third and final of the series was the least satisfactory.

While a question/answer with one of the authors, David Madden, was made possible via Skype, the discussion was, for the most part, between academics/bureaucrats and Madden. The Waterloo Estate tenants were not well represented in terms of numbers, making it even more important that they should be given the space to establish their own connection with Madden. By own space I don’t mean being handed a microphone and invited to put a question, but the creation of a “tenant-owned” forum where the tenants feel free of academic observation/supervision and in which an exchange of views between author and tenants could take place. The structure of the discussion, unfortunately, accurately replicated the gentrification that threatens to displace the public housing tenants from their homes.



Catherine Skipper


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