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The Big Issue’s big mural

As a regular visitor to Little Eveleigh St, Redfern – I volunteer at a small school there – I have been delighted by the mural that now decorates the offices of The Big Issue. The artwork is amazing and really enhances what is otherwise a drab building in a drab street. The Big Issue is a truly worthy organisation, promoting and supporting homeless people by giving them a hand-up and not a handout. I feel that all their endeavours should be supported. Clearly, the mural depicting the sellers of The Big Issue gives them enormous pride when they visit the office to pick up their supplies of the magazine. The mural is also spiritually uplifting for passersby.

Ian Partridge

The artwork near my school definitely captures my eye. I think it’s wonderful that homeless people get recognition for their bravery and courage. I can also relate to homelessness because I have been there before, in and out of refuges for quite some time. I’m also Aboriginal and love art. That’s just my outlook on the situation.


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