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Testing times for Waterloo

Since the release of the three options for the Waterloo estate a couple of months ago the community has been left with a number of unknowns and a significant information gap, leading to speculation and confusion about what is actually being proposed for the estate. However, we are now in arm’s reach of the formal consultation phase commencing (options testing).


Supporting materials for each option will include 3D models, shadow diagrams, artist impressions from street level, and graphics showcasing five themes (as per the visioning workshops) stripping back all other components in the plan so each theme can be looked at in isolation.

It is important for people to be aware that the options testing phase isn’t a case of picking plan 1, 2 or 3 but rather exploring what elements you like, or don’t like, from each concept to assist in developing a fourth “preferred plan” that will hopefully have the best outcome for the community.

Presentations made last month by NSW Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) at REDWatch and the Waterloo Redevelopment Group made a start in providing the community with details for each of the options, including the number of buildings and building heights, how parking will be factored in, and differences in the proposed pedestrianised George Street boulevard. LAHC also outlined that the spread of the new social housing will be even across the estate and that a staging plan with more detail of “stages within stages” will be presented during options testing.

Finally, the time has come for people to start sharing their feedback on what is being proposed in the three options, and we want everyone to get involved.

Groundswell and the Waterloo Neighbourhood Advisory Board have lobbied government to ensure that focus groups are open to everyone living on the estate and not just those who participated in the visioning process. We are pleased this message has been received and that people are invited to indicate their interest to participate in a focus group by registering with the Waterloo Connect office (in person, by phone, or via email).

What does the consultation period look like? Throughout October LAHC will host a series of focus groups, community days on Waterloo Green, pop-ups across the estate, and distribution of a short survey to gather community feedback.

Look out for the Communities Plus newsletter in your letter box or check the Communities Plus website for full details on how you can share your opinions about the options. Alternatively, you can contact the workers at The Factory Community Centre or Inner Sydney Voice for more information.



Community days will be held 10-2pm on October 13 and 2-5pm on October 26 at Waterloo Green.

Direct links to the Communities Plus options boards are below:

Option 1 – Waterloo Estate

Option 2 – Waterloo Village Green

Option 3 – Waterloo Park

The thematic boards comparing options are:

LAHC has also released a new  Indicative Staging Plan that provides no greater detail on staging than that provided in the initial options brochure other than to state that a mix of housing will be equally distributed across the estate.

Groups can use this material to hold their own discussions and provide feedback on the options.

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