After the state election – what’s happening?


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Groundswell coalition of Waterloo agencies is pressing on with educational workshops designed to assist residents to participate in the master planning process. Two events are planned for May-June.

Art helps survivors of domestic violence heal


· Tuesday, August 7, 2018 · 2 Comments 


Women have been finding hope and healing in the creation of large-scale paintings for an exhibition at MLC Gallery in Newtown.

Creative ties – Artist Profile: Melissa Carey


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Artist Melissa Carey has long loved drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. As a 12 year old she had her first jewellery stall. An art school graduate in hometown Perth, she worked for a while in the corporate sector but soon realised the office environment was not a healthy space for her. Three years ago she moved to Sydney where she has established her own creative business. From her share-space studio in Alexandria, Melissa conducts workshops in candle-making, printing and macrame. She enjoys festival work and volunteer work within the arts scene, as well as commissions large and small. Next month she hopes to complete an art residency in Berlin.

Workshops to honour Trevor Davies and Ali Blogg


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At its Annual General Meeting on November 28, the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre announced new social justice and community development workshops for early 2013. The workshops, inspired by and dedicated to SSH editors Trevor Davies and Ali Blogg, will encourage active participation in the life of community. Participants will learn how to contact politicians, write letters to editors, organise groups for debate on policy, social and environmental issues. The workshops are slated for February.