Waterloo redevelopment

‘Retain the tall buildings’


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Community Profile: T-Bone

Assistance and advocacy for Aboriginal tenants


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My name is Jinny-Jane Smith. I am a Wiradjuri/Walbunja (Yuin nation) woman.

Housing stress


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Housing and planning concerns continue to dominate the news in Sydney.

Giving voice to the needs of the people


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Genevieve Zoe Murray heads the team drawing up an “alternative” master plan for the Waterloo Estate.

Vivid Memories 


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Late last year the NSW Government announced its intention to demolish and redevelop Waterloo’s high-rise towers and surrounding public housing. This decision involves displacing over 4,500 elderly, disabled and low-income people who live there.

Coffer filling at expense of community


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For more than 35 years, the NSW government has been developing housing renewal policy frameworks around concepts of community as place-based, rather than as a grouping existing in…

Regarding the relocation of local residents


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The briefings provided an opportunity for these communities to raise their questions. FaCS acknowledged the lack of further details surrounding the redevelopment but outlined some possible scenarios, especially…

Unanswered questions on housing


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The following information about approval to return to a public housing property after redevelopment appeared on the NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) website, dated February 22, 2016:

Redevelopment – what it means for tenants


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In December last year, just before Christmas, the state government announced a plan to redevelop the Waterloo area over the next 20 years. They also announced the need to relocate at least 2,000 public housing tenants as a result, while the redevelopment takes place. The plan follows similar decisions in 2014 and 2015 to sell and redevelop public housing areas in Ivanhoe and Millers Point.

A bridge between public and private housing


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Dr Louise Crabtree from the University of Western Sydney’s Institute for Culture and Society described affordable housing as the “bridge” between public and private housing. There are many…