Community formulates ‘alternative’ masterplan


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The Waterloo Public Housing Action Group (WPHAG) is determined to see the Waterloo Estate remain in public hands. At a REDWatch meeting on February 2, Richard Weeks of…

‘We can handle the truth’


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To date the government has only made four informal commitments to the community since announcing the project 12 months ago.

Guest Editorial – Waterloo fog may be about to lift 


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LAHC and Family and Community Services (FACS) with support from UrbanGrowth will commence the master planning process, including engagement and consultation, late in 2016. FACS will prepare a…

UrbanGrowth finally speaks about Waterloo public housing


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It is a truth universally acknowledged that punters sitting through a government “consultation process” must ask themselves the question, “Are we being bullshitted?”

Beauty shines amid social change


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The first 15 of these tours were conducted up until 2009. This year, marking the 10-year anniversary of the Tour of Beauty, people are invited to revisit points…

Update on ATP redevelopment


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Two points of interest that have come out of the exhibition include the attempted increase in floor space, along with the question of building heights, with a planned…

The need for affordable housing


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Affordable housing refers to “reasonable” housing costs in relation to income. A common benchmark is that affordable housing is housing that does not absorb more than 30 per…

Disrespect of vital community


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WATERLOO: It’s common knowledge that Christmas can be a particularly anxious season for many vulnerable people. The timing of the government’s announcement of plans to redevelop the Waterloo estate, and the means by which those plans have been communicated, strikes many residents and housing representatives as highly insensitive and disrespectful.

Healthy urban development


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Elizabeth Harris, Associate Professor from the Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity at UNSW, started the night’s proceedings with a presentation on the challenges of incorporating health…

Putting the squeeze on public housing


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Compact apartments with shared living spaces have emerged as the main affordable housing option in the controversial Central to Eveleigh Corridor Project.