Renewing the social fabric


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Lord Mayor Clover Moore said a partnership between the City of Sydney, TAFE NSW Outreach program and the Bower Reuse & Repair Centre at Marrickville has already seen…

An international journey


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Edyta is not foreign to multicultural environments. She was born in Kraków, an historical city in southern Poland dating back to the 7th century, which escaped destruction during…

Pretty in pink at Purple Goanna


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Kira-Lea is the owner of BellaBoo Beauty Enterprise. She reports on beauty and fashion stories via social media and networking on twitter and Facebook. Kira-Lea tells of the…

Open discussion on drug use and misuse


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The community in Redfern-Waterloo, including the local area Police Commander, community groups and the City of Sydney’s Safe City unit, had been requesting a forum where harm minimisation…

Editorial – June 2012


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Drawing on Prime Minister Keating’s Redfern speech the congregation lamented that: “We took the traditional lands and smashed the traditional way of life. We brought the diseases, the…

Creative work with young homeless people


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Those involved leave no stone unturned in their efforts to communicate their message, stretching their services to numerous public events, advising government policy and reform, training programs, and…

SMDA releases affordable housing details


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The SMDA strategy has dropped early RWA references to home ownership and concentrates exclusively on rental housing within the framework of the existing NSW Affordable Housing Guidelines. Similar…

Positive relations between police and community


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“When I came to the role 15 years ago the drug and alcohol incidences, especially around The Block area, were very significant. It was out of control, really….

Become a Sydney local in a day


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Two men sit casually sharing a conversation, enjoying a clear summer night. A lighting display burns the word “Redfern” on the balcony above. A stranger driving past pulls over and sees it as a perfect Kodak moment to document “Redfern inhabitants”. She takes the photo and continues on. If she’d returned the next night she might have found the same men in the same place – with one difference. If she had spent the time to learn about the people, who they were and what Redfern was about, she may have taken a slightly different photo.