New arrest laws legalise poor policing, says legal expert


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Two months before Barry O’Farrell announced the ‘one punch’ laws, he passed a different law that expands police powers to arrest without warrant. Like the ‘one punch’ laws, the arrest laws have been met with controversy, with some South Sydney community groups fearing the expanded arrest powers will reduce in-depth investigation and leave vulnerable people more exposed to abuse.

Khaki, white and blue


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Women In Uniform presents portraits of powerful, beautiful women attempting to break the glass ceiling of traditionally male dominated careers such as pilots, trades, the police force and the defence force. The series explores themes of voyeurism, feminism and sexuality.

Policing the Mardi Gras


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A YouTube video of a police officer allegedly assaulting a Sydney Mardi Gras participant sparked widespread debate about police law enforcement this month. The YouTube video shows a police officer throwing a handcuffed 18 year old to the ground and holding him down with his foot. The incident took place after the Mardi Gras Parade on March 2.

Keeping the barbie, relocating the hoop


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DARLINGTON: City of Sydney spokesperson Joel Johnson has thanked community members for feedback regarding the barbecue and basketball hoop at Charles Kernan Reserve. In response to the feedback received the City will be retaining the barbecue in its current location.

Editorial – March 2013


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It is understandable the installation of an Automatic Syringe Dispensing Machine (ASDM) outside the Redfern Community Health Centre has raised community concerns and questions. The issues around illicit drug use are broad and complex, and have been the focus of tensions for many years around the Needle Bus on The Block. Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) has a responsibility to engage the community and to help facilitate community dialogue and understanding, not just to ensure harm minimisation.

Dispensing information, while pushing ahead


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Sydney Local Health District (SLHD) pushed ahead with the installation of the Automatic Dispensing Machine (ADM) in front of the Redfern Health Centre without mentioning it at a public meeting on January 29. In contrast to the December meeting where locals opposing the installation primarily argued their objections with representatives of SLHD, this meeting was independently facilitated and featured a more balanced discussion about the issues with many supporters of the ADM in attendance.

Superintendent’s medal for excellence


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Still in his sweaty Redfern t-shirt after early morning training at the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence’s Eora Gym alongside Shane Phillips and the youth involved in the Clean Slate Without Prejudice program, Superintendent Luke Freudenstein was relaxed.

Local Hero says aim for stars, focus on process


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REDFERN: Shane Phillips received the Australian Local Hero award on Australia Day. It was undoubtedly well deserved, and just talking with him invites a new hope in people.

Human services co-ordination


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As people with higher and higher needs are allocated public housing in Redfern and Waterloo the need for integrated service delivery grows. It is necessary to ensure people have their complex needs addressed and can maintain their tenancies, and that they do not impact adversely on their neighbours.

Healthy Alliance for wellbeing of all


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One year on from its founding Assembly last September, Sydney Alliance held its second City Assembly at the Sydney Town Hall on Sunday October 28 to report back to over 1,000 members from its 48 partner organisations.