Pitt Street Uniting Church

Churches weigh in on no new mines campaign


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People might not usually expect to see a sign opposing new coal mines outside a church.

Churches’ apology to sex and gender diverse community


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Official launch of Equal Voices by the Hon. Michael Kirby.

Christian group offers apology and affirmation


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A new ecumenical support group for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, intersex and queer people.

Threads of love for those who suffer


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Determined to lead the way to survivor recovery, representatives from combined faith traditions united on Sunday October 24.

Rituals acknowledge hurt, affirm hope and healing


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The representatives of the different groups who gathered to acknowledge the suffering of the young were: Tim Gray (Indigenous peoples), Father Peter Maher (Catholic Church), Kati Haworth (Jewish…

Refugee policy and the ‘plan for change’


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The meeting was organised by the Refugee Action Coalition – a grassroots coalition which has been working since 1999 to support refugees who are seeking asylum in Australia….

Interfaith support for survivors of abuse


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This year the two churches are planning an interfaith service. People from Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish and Christian faiths will name hurts and grieve, listen to the testimony…

Editorial – August 2013


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On Saturday August 3 a Service of Lament was held at the Pitt Street Uniting Church in Sydney. The Social Justice Forum, which brings together the Uniting Church and its community service and social justice division of UnitingCare NSW.ACT, called the Service to express sadness and concern at the treatment of asylum seekers.

Following the path of St Vincent de Paul


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In 1833, Frederic Ozanam, at the age of 20, and some French student friends, established the Society of St Vincent de Paul. The Sisters of Charity were also involved later. St Vincent de Paul lived in the 17th century and had been venerated by both the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches. He was known as “the great Apostle of charity”.