Newtown Neighbourhood Centre

Social work superheroes


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I liken my colleagues in the Boarding House Outreach Service (Newtown Neighbourhood Centre) to social work superheroes.

‘Buzzing Minds’ brims with boarding house residents’ creativity


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Buzzing Minds: A Sydney Noise Compilation is the brain child of Jason Simonit (Jay), a case worker at Newtown Neighbourhood Centre (NNC).

Practical local action on homelessness


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Newtown Neighbourhood Centre’s second annual “Newtopian Sleepout” aims to raise $100,000.

Apology to First Nations Peoples


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Newtown Neighbourhood Centre (NNC) held its Reconciliation Week event on May 30, with an official apology to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

Neighbourhood centre enters into 40s


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Newtown Neighbourhood Centre celebrated its 40th anniversary in style at the end of 2017.

‘Handmade home’ a hit at Newtown Festival


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Newtown Festival’s “Home is where the heart is” theme embraced by stall holders.

Raising standards and encouraging best practice


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Newtown Neighbourhood Centre introduces the Boarding Housing Good Practice Awards.

Helping those most at risk of homelessness


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You might have noticed more people sleeping rough and wondered what you can do to help.

Festivalgoers have a heart for Newtown’s homeless


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From her gleaming Palace of Wonderment, ink artist Flutter Lyon captured stories told to her by Newtown Festivalgoers on November 13 to create a large pressing for the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre. 

Vowing to make a difference


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NEWTOWN: As part of Neighbourhood Centre Week in May community members were invited to express their love for Newtown by making a vow to keep the suburb vibrant, open, weird and safe. Newtown’s open culture is seen to be under threat from influences such as lack of affordable housing, WestConnex and the flow-on effects of the lock-out laws.