Music – Julia Holter, ‘Aviary’


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Julia Holter, ‘Aviary’ Domino, 2018

The future’s Rosie …


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Rosie Meader is 17 and heading into her HSC exams at the Newtown High School of the Performing Arts . She’s also just released her third CD.

Chilling to Sydney’s summer sounds


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Mozart – Our English houseguests are music lovers and come to visit us in Australia every two years. Somehow, though, they’ve never been to a concert in the…

Music Review – Loene Carmen “Lovers Dreamers Fighters”


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You could light a fire with Lo Carmen’s voice, it’s so flinty.

Music Review


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“How It All Unfolds” is a lovely record, meticulously crafted, consistently moving and warm.

Chippo Beams with festival spirit


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CHIPPENDALE: Tens of thousands of people flocked to Chippendale to catch the spirit of the Beams Arts Festival on September 17. 

The King and Queen Country Gala Show


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The King and Queen Country Gala Show came from a dream long held by Jeff Simms – to take a top-class variety show to the outback towns of Australia.

Songs for all seasons, in many languages


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In 2011, Andreas Aurin, a young musician from Berlin, was teaching piano to students at Camdenville Public School. In order to get the parents more involved in the children’s musical journey, he invited their parents to join a community choir.

Good times, good timing – An interview with Eddie Boyd


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Indie-roots three-piece Eddie Boyd & the Phatapillars have been extremely busy these past 12 months recording a debut EP, touring and writing. And it’s all paid off – with tight performances, Triple J airplay, an appearance at Bluesfest in Byron Bay and a video clip on the way. Eddie Boyd & the Phatapillars are fast-tracking their way to the top of the Sydney indie-roots scene. Liz Hughes talks to Eddie Boyd about cross-country adventures and what’s in store for 2015.

Intimacy & improvisation – Live Music Review: Nai Palm


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For a last-minute announcement of a band no-one has ever heard or seen before, Trap Knife at Surry Hills 505 sold out with surprising speed. Take a closer look at the members of the band and it doesn’t take long to realise why.