Honouring lives, lamenting the plight of many homeless


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Honouring the lives of recently deceased “street people” – strangers, friends, family.

Helping those most at risk of homelessness


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You might have noticed more people sleeping rough and wondered what you can do to help.

Festivalgoers have a heart for Newtown’s homeless


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From her gleaming Palace of Wonderment, ink artist Flutter Lyon captured stories told to her by Newtown Festivalgoers on November 13 to create a large pressing for the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre. 

Newtopia – justice, inclusion, action and fun


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I am passionate about the Newtown Vibe. It’s not an easy thing to explain and we may not all agree on what it actually is, but a lot of people nod their heads when you talk about it! They agree that there is something unique and special about this place. Something that is worth protecting.

Big Issue Vendor Profile: Drew


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“I used to sleep on a bench in Camperdown Park. I did it for about seven months. “I was doing casual warehouse work and rented a unit on…

Habitable and affordable homes


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The saying goes, “You can judge a city by the way it treats its poorest citizen,” Councillor Linda Scott reminded Labor politicians at the ALP’s 47th National Conference.

Joint statement on housing affordability


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Housing and homelessness is reaching a crisis point in NSW. Peak bodies have issued a joint statement outlining their position.

Club donation helps accommodation service


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WATERLOO: The Garden Shelter accommodation service for men experiencing homelessness has received a donation of $1,000 from Club Redfern.

Rough sleepers claim rough treatment


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GLEBE: For more than a year, a community of homeless people has been living in tents under the tramline at Wentworth Park. The community has been there for more than a year. Despite Council policy which refers to working with the homeless in a respectful and compassionate way (via a dedicated homelessness unit and a number of services and outreach programs), the rough sleepers have accused the City of Sydney of insensitive action.

Housing for everyone


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Something truly remarkable happened in the USA about three months ago. It was incredible and it was one of the most positive illustrations of the power of community to ever come out of the social-safety-net basket case that is the United States. It is a pity that it got no coverage in Australia.