Sydney Candidate Profiles – Federal Election 2019


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The federal election is Saturday May 18.

Police renew call to dob in dealers


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Police across NSW are asking people to report anyone in their community who they think may be dealing drugs

‘The simple pleasures …’ Artist Profile: Marcello Araldi


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Marcello Araldi is working in his studio called Peace of Redfern. “I love it here,” he says.

Convenience food


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Food producers are making life easier for themselves but to the detriment of our health.

Soy – a healthy food, not a wonder drug


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So, is soy good or bad for you? There have been a number of scientific studies investigating this question in recent years.

Obesity – government failure


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As most of us know, Australia is one of the fattest nations on Earth.

Metabolic Risk – Insulin Resistance


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Type 2 diabetes is perhaps the most commonly recognised metabolic disorder in the community.

Pink pills for pale people?


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I am often asked about vitamins, supplements and tonics. Aside from specific cases, my general answer is don’t bother, for several reasons. Health supplements are a multi-billion dollar…

Let the sunshine in


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In 2012, Medicare paid almost $150 million in rebates for vitamin D testing. Most of this money would have been better spent on priority areas such as hospital…

Editorial: Caring for mental health


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We all go through hard times. Asking “what do you do to get through hard times?” is a way of foregrounding strength and resilience.