community development

Introducing Nina Serova


· Friday, February 15, 2019 · Leave a Comment 


Nina Serova will work closely with residents and agencies to ensure that they have the tools and information they need to take their views on the Waterloo redevelopment to government.

Documentary observes community spirit


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‘There Goes Our Neighbourhood’ responses to the redevelopment of the Waterloo estate and the creation of a community light sculpture in two of the Waterloo high-rises.

What the community wants – listening to hopes and concerns


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A farewell from Kira as she relocates.

The art of community


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The Community Art exhibition at the Orchard Gallery celebrates locals’ passion for creative community development.

Conference promotes justice for all


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Stanwell Tops was host to the National Conference of TEAR Australia (Transformation, Empowerment, Advocacy and Relief) during the last weekend in June.

Workshops to honour Trevor Davies and Ali Blogg


· Monday, December 3, 2012 · Leave a Comment 


At its Annual General Meeting on November 28, the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre announced new social justice and community development workshops for early 2013. The workshops, inspired by and dedicated to SSH editors Trevor Davies and Ali Blogg, will encourage active participation in the life of community. Participants will learn how to contact politicians, write letters to editors, organise groups for debate on policy, social and environmental issues. The workshops are slated for February.