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Sydney residents demand federal election candidates to #StopAdani


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As it is becoming evident that climate change is one of the leading issues amongst voters this federal election, community groups have been seeking responses on environmental issues at candidates forums across Sydney.

ENVIRONMENT Churches weigh in on no new mines campaign


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The campaign, in which faith groups put up signs to urge an end to coal mining, was initiated by national multi-faith charity the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC).

Sydney Candidate Profiles – Federal Election 2019


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The federal election is Saturday May 18.

Stewardship of the Earth and the body


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On Sunday March 3, the distinguished, multi-award-winning Canadian writer Margaret Atwood spoke at the Sydney Opera House as part of the UNSW Centre for Ideas 2019 program of live talks.

An anxious climate


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Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night worried about the future climate change is going to create?

Students call for climate action


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They said last November they’d be back, and they were.

Connecting to country


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Writing the Country explores the human connection to country at this time of great change and threat.

Calling on Labor to #StopAdani


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Inaction on global warming is heating not only the planet, but also the mood of the residents of Sydney.

We must lead our leaders on climate change


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Our new “It’s only coal, it won’t hurt you” Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Wake-up call to more sustainable lifestyles


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Tom and Mark’s book was a delight. They managed to avoid the obvious pitfalls of causing despair or inducing guilt.