City of Sydney

Community called to action as master planning begins


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The extended timeframe allows residents some breathing space as community engagement takes place over the master plan. A community engagement framework developed by FACS promises to “work in…

City of Sydney divests from fossil fuels


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The City of Sydney has more than $500 million under management. The new policy will divert these funds away from banks that invest in fossil fuels—giving preference to…

The Alex has been saved!


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This is an astounding victory for the residents of Alexandria who rallied, repeatedly, to save the Alex. The drive and persistence of people such as Ben and Michelle…

The need for affordable housing


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Affordable housing refers to “reasonable” housing costs in relation to income. A common benchmark is that affordable housing is housing that does not absorb more than 30 per…

Books alive!


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Breaking Bread is a collaboration between the City of Sydney’s Redfern Community Centre, People Just Like Us and Waverley Council. The three-day program aims to bring people together…

People like us – trying to change hearts to change policies


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The first of a series of talks designed to encourage community unity was held on Tuesday September 29 at the Reginald Murphy Community Centre in Potts Point. People…

See the ATP before it’s too late!


· Friday, April 10, 2015 · 1 Comment 


In its submission to UrbanGrowth NSW, the state-owned corporation responsible for the sale process, community group REDWatch pointed out that an approved subdivision appears to remove pedestrian and…

Rough sleepers claim rough treatment


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GLEBE: For more than a year, a community of homeless people has been living in tents under the tramline at Wentworth Park. The community has been there for more than a year. Despite Council policy which refers to working with the homeless in a respectful and compassionate way (via a dedicated homelessness unit and a number of services and outreach programs), the rough sleepers have accused the City of Sydney of insensitive action.

Sydney to face population challenge   


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While demographers and government advisors may argue about the predicted population increase to occur in Sydney over the next 20 years, they all agree that effective planning and actions need to occur now.

Protesting ‘attack on democracy’


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On the morning of September 6, several hundred concerned citizens withstood wind, cold and rain to protest the latest “get Clover” legislation from the Shooters and Fishers, legislation that would see many business owners given two or more votes, while other business owners would lose the one vote they currently have.