Theatre – Dubboo: Life of a Songman


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Dubboo reflects upon the complex life of Nunukul/Munaldjali man, David Page, while celebrating his creativity as composer, musician, actor, singer and drag queen.

Theatre – Dark Emu


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A dance response to Bruce Pascoe’s seminal book of the same name, Dark Emu was created by Stephen Page in collaboration with senior Bangarra dancer Daniel Riley, company alumnus Yolande Browne and the Bangarra dancers.

Two new faces for Bangarra


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Bangarra Dance Theatre recently welcomed two new dancers into the wonderful Bangarra family.

‘Macq’ – a passion for the past


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Meeting dancer and choreographer Jasmin Sheppard, whom I remember vividly as the courageous but tragic Patygarang in the Bangarra performance of the same name, she seems weightless as if she might float away unless anchored to the foyer armchair.

Dance Theatre – OUR Land People Stories


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OUR Land People Stories brings three unique and awe-inspiring contemporary dance performances to the stage at the Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House. The wonderful clan Bangarra once again astonishes its audience with dazzling choreography, the power, dynamism and grace of their dancing, the authenticity of their storytelling and the originality of soundscape and design.

Vickifying the play


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Speaking via mobile to Vicki van Hout as she catches a train I find my own meaning for an expression used by a former student of hers: to vickify. I would define it as “to travel at high speed through uncharted territory with dedication and humour”.

Dance Review – Ochres, Bangarra Dance


· Monday, December 7, 2015 · 1 Comment 


Ochres enabled its audiences then, and now in this celebratory revisiting, to experience the sacredness of the connection between earth, people and spirit integral to Aboriginal life.

Theatre Review: Patyegarang


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While Patyegarang is a moving and mesmerising episodic tale of two young people, a local Eora girl and a First Fleet astronomer, for whom the circumstances are out of joint, this dance experience is so much more. The suffering of individuals caught up in events larger than themselves is sad but the true tragic ache is generated by a sense of wasted potential and the loss of possibility.