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Frog-spotting in the park


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Sydney Park this April played host to BioBlitz, a citizen science festival celebrating the city’s growing natural diversity.

Conservation and community outreach


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According to the Australian Museum Ichthyology Database there are 588 species of fish in Sydney Harbour. By comparison there are 540 species in the Mediterranean Sea and 276 in UK coastal waters to a depth of 200 metres. Sydneysiders have a responsibility to care for such rich and varied marine life. Marine ecologist Rebecca Morris has spent the best part of three years on research into biodiversity, with a focus on the seawalls at Blackwattle Bay.

Larger-than-life women herald a unique corroboree


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The 20-metre high sandstone fa├žade of the Australian Museum was transformed last month with images of larger-than-life Aboriginal women to celebrate the inaugural Corroboree Sydney festival. The striking, over-sized projection artwork, by Sydney-based Wiradjuri artist Nicole Foreshew, featured striking, moving-images of women draped in cloth.