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Stop WestConnex Euston Road widening

ALEXANDRIA: Late April saw several groups rally in support of Euston Road residents who will soon have seven lanes of WestConnex offshoot traffic run alongside their homes, just 180cm from windows and balconies.

Tree lopping in Euston Road Photo: Ben Aveling
Tree lopping in Euston Road Photo: Ben Aveling

Lord Mayor Clover Moore has invited concerned residents to add their signatures to a campaign urging the NSW government to stop construction on the project. “There’s still time to avoid further destruction and waste,” the Lord Mayor said.

Labor Shadow Minister for Transport, Jodi McKay, and Labor Councillor Linda Scott met with Alexandria residents affected by construction, and called on the Minister for WestConnex to halt work immediately. “Alexandria is a beautiful garden suburb, and does not deserve being torn apart by WestConnex,” Cr Scott said.

Jenny Leong MP, NSW Greens spokesperson on WestConnex, and Mehreen Faruqi MLC, NSW Greens spokesperson on Transport, Roads and Ports, have been campaigning over five years to stop WestConnex. The Greens argue for increased investment in public transport. Ms Leong said: “WestConnex is a damaging, destructive and wasteful disaster of a project. It will bring in more traffic, not less. It will ramp up pollution and won’t address Sydney’s congestion problems.”

Despite the protests, contractors have now begun destroying over 70 trees to make way for the widened Euston Road.

Although consultation for the works has not yet been completed, residents have been advised not to open their windows on account of the air pollution the widening will bring.

You can express your support for a halt to the construction here.

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