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South Sydney vs Brisbane – major issues

I am a former player of long standing and an avid supporter of the game.

I must stress at the outset that I am neither a supporter of the Broncos nor the Rabbitohs but what took place in this game [round eight] leaves me wondering whether this is a fair competition or a competition which favours those who complain the loudest and most often.

This was an absolutely abysmal refereeing performance which saw an obvious No Try, a probable Knock On which led to a field goal to seal the win, and, to top it off, an apparent Offence Against so-called Stringent Head Injury Rulings.

If Anthony Milford makes a claim against the NRL at any time in the future for an accumulation of similar injuries, then I hope the decision makers at this point in time are prepared to wear the legal consequences.

T. Jordan

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