Restaurant – The Sultan’s Table

The Sultan’s Table

179 Enmore Rd, Enmore NSW 2042

Licensed: No.

Value: Not bad but easy to blow the budget on extras like dips and bread.

Staff/ambience: Avoid the front area unless you want to eat and run. Phone ahead and ask for the back area. It isn’t plush as it’s more of a converted yard or large verandah. The staff are always rushed but polite and friendly.

With family: You could easily take the kids and even if they get a little noisy you’d not feel out of place.

With friends: Probably the ideal for this restaurant. Casual with tables that can butt up against each other, share dips, make noise and have fun.

With a date: Not quite right for a romantic date and likely to dash your chance of a second date.

Summary: I rated this place more highly on prior visits. Avoid the front area and select the dips that work for you but if it wasn’t so close to my favourite ice-cream shop I might not give them another chance.


I returned to an old favourite restaurant and, to be frank, I was disappointed. The Sultans Table in Enmore is popular and although being busy can mean fresh food at value prices, it can be difficult to manage. We were seated at the front which is like sitting in the local gyros joint with the delivery guys in and out and take-away customers queuing up. Fortunately, the back room is more enticing. In the past I have ordered the small banquet for my partner and I and shared it with my daughter which gave great value. However, on this visit we were informed that the banquet required a minimum of four diners so we had to order a plate at a time.

They offer the typical Turkish fare you’ve seen at a hundred venues with two untypical meals, guvec (vegies and lamb in a clay pot) and manti, a Turkish ravioli with mince and yogurt. I’ve have never tried guvec but found the manti stodgy and heavy. They have a great range of dips which are mostly delish but the babaganush was bland and the jajik was fizzy and the cucumber no longer crisp. The shish kebab was tender and moist but the chicken kebab although a little dry was still tasty. We also had a spinach pide which was crisp, fresh and tasty.




Dinner tip: If you ask “what do you recommend” the good restauranteur should recommend the dish that delivers him the best margins or what needs to be cleared. Ask “what is the most popular dish” and unless they blatantly lie you will get the right dish.

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