Restaurant Review – Sek Fun Noodle House

3 Cope Street, Redfern

Licensed: No.

Value: Budget priced with generous servers.

Staff/Ambiance: This is a tidy, neat little venue and the staff helpful and friendly but probably more set up for takeaway. Nonetheless, always seems to have dine-in patrons.

With Family: My family loves it, with something for everyone.

With Friends: As it only seats 20, it may not be ideal for big groups.

With a Date: Great little treat for foodies if the ambiance isn’t too important.

Summary: If you can forget that you’re sitting in what is essentially a shopfront, you’ll enjoy great Hong Kong-style Chinese food at bargain prices. I think this is my new favourite Chinese restaurant!

As a young man I fell in love with the sweet, spicy flavour of barbecue red pork at the BBQ King in Sydney but soon realised that not all pork is treated equally. Most recently I have been traveling over 30 minutes to satiate my cravings, but not anymore.

Twelve months after opening I finally realised that Sek Fun was a new restaurant in Redfern and not the Chinese restaurant that previously sat opposite on Botany Road so I decided to give it a try, and I’m glad I did. If you love barbecue red pork you must give this place a try. Sweet, moist with caramelised edges, well-balanced spice and a budget price, this meal is a winner, and would be a star in any Chinese restaurant.

But a restaurant review needs to sample more than one meal so I have backed up on a few occasions (not that I needed an excuse). The roast pork was surprisingly lean, with crackle, although a bit salty. The duck was crisp-skinned and tasty and great for the price.

The spicy chilli salt chicken is great and Chinese vegetables are yet another winner in a mild ginger sauce. The sweet and sour sauce was great and not overly sweet as can often be the case, and the Szechuan beef is yet another winner, packed with veggies in a flavourful, thick, reduced sauce. Don’t bother with the fried rice as these meals will saturate steamed rice with flavour.

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