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Reasons to be hopeful | South Sydney Herald South Sydney Herald


Reasons to be hopeful

The federal election result was devastating to many who have hoped and worked for more just and compassionate policies in Australia. Anna Rose, author, campaigner and Strategic Projects Officer with Farmers for Climate Action, shares reasons to be hopeful and reflections for moving forward.

Illustration: Sam McNair

Reasons to be hopeful:

1. The solutions to the climate crisis already exist. We are not waiting on someone to invent some technology or scientific breakthrough. All of the solutions are being implemented somewhere in the world. We just need to scale them up.

2. Humans are fundamentally wired for collaboration and empathy. Let’s focus on our shared values and the fact that most people, most days, perform acts of kindness and cooperation that offer them no material reward.

3. Things can change fast. Looking back through history we can see this time after time – from marriage equality campaigns to the nonviolent social movements that overthrew brutal dictators in Chile and Serbia. At some point all politicians from every party are going to realise that doing nothing about climate change is not an option and be forced to act. Our job as a movement of people who care is to accelerate that awakening and then steer the solutions to ones centred on climate justice.

Reflections for moving forward:

1. We need everyone. We need to get organised in groups to build a powerful movement, not act as isolated individuals. There are so many organisations you can get involved in, and if none of the existing groups resonate with you, start your own! Even if it’s just a small one in your workplace or with your mates.

2. We need to get better at changing hearts and minds of conservative people. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Find and build on shared values. Talk about renewable energy and all the fantastic solutions, rather than getting bogged down in a fight about coal. Remind people that there are lots of conservative politicians in the UK and the US who support action on climate change.

3. Community organising to change hearts and minds and build power is long-term and expensive. Our movement needs to get much better at raising money to do things on the scale that the climate crisis requires.

The largest global movement in history is already working together to solve the climate crisis. It is already happening in every community, every state and every country on Earth. We haven’t “won” yet, but with this movement building power rapidly, it’s just a matter of time.

This is an edited version of Anna Rose’s Facebook post.

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