Paradise of portraits

The landscape of Redfern-Alexandria-Waterloo is changing at an unprecedented pace and this has affected the residents of premises on the main streets and in residential blocks. An exhibition at 107 Projects in Redfern in May features photographic portraits taken in the area, which examine what makes a place special despite such rapid change. It’s community, says Redfern-based photographer Suellen Symons.

Kitty Chen (Photo: Suellen Symons)

Curated by Sandy Edwards and held as part of the International Head On Photography Festival, the exhibition also showcases work by Allan Coker, Keren Dobia, John Dobson, Beth Macraild O’Loughlin, Madeleine Mann, Nat Ord and Yana Vasilyeva.

In this exhibition, Symons is showing just a small selection from a much larger portfolio, which focuses on the residents and business people of Regent Street Redfern, Botany Road Waterloo and Alexandria. Further works from her portfolio will be exhibited at 107 Projects next year.

Symons, is anxious the Sydney Metro development application for the Waterloo metro quarter, with its proposed building heights (up to 29 storeys), floor space ratios (6.1:1 instead of the current 1.5:1) and car parks could change the community feel of the area forever.

“I am keen to convey people’s resilience in the face of this potentially life-altering change.”

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