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New video celebrates free bus service

The Village2Village bus service has been operating for ten years and it’s a free service. Access Sydney Community Transport, which operates the service, has created a new video to show the wonderful help the bus service provides.


Passenger Shirley Joyce aboard the V2V. Photo: Jack Carnegie

Passenger Shirley Joyce aboard the V2V. Photo: Jack Carnegie

Village2Village provides transportation every Thursday and Friday. The video takes real-life people who travel on the shuttle buses and asks them to express their feelings and experiences on this service.

In the video there is so much helpful information about the buses – where they run and how they can help people get around. It’s for all ages, everyone can use it.

To remind you, there are four buses now.

The Green shuttle bus was the first and it runs from Redfern to Broadway via Glebe. The second shuttle bus is the Purple. It started in 2008 and runs from Woolloomooloo to Redfern via Chinatown. The third shuttle bus, the Orange, started in 2013. It goes from Redfern to Broadway via Alexandria. Last but not least is the Blue bus and it goes from Broadway to Paddy’s Market via Millers Point.

Over the next couple of months some routes will be under review. Community consultations will be organised.

I urge you to keep an eye out for their ten-year celebrations, which will be happening soon. They had the original launch at Poets Corner in Redfern and Clover Moore attended.

Although funding from the City of Sydney will continue over the next three years, Access Sydney does need a helping hand now and then so they can continue with their great work so a donation is always gratefully received.

Have a look on YouTube to see this video. Access Sydney Community Transport can also be found on Facebook and their website.


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