Music Review: Turning – Angie

When I hit “play” I anticipate something sudden. A quick jolt, a flurry of quick rhythms. But it turns to sludge, in pace and textures, within moments of the first guitar chord. The lyrics terrify me, each blood rush to the head, each secret disgrace, creating an effective form of rock and roll terror.

Angie (Image: Supplied)

Angie (Image: Supplied)

Angie begins with a neck wringer of paranoia, but with moments of clarity and relief emerging slowly.

“Do Yourself Right” is a raw moment of glory, and the transition into “Shadow Twin” quickens anticipation of exploration. The music paints a self-portrait that is both brave and numbing. Becoming and yet determined in its existence.

“Shared Futures” is the closest I get to picturing Circle Pit rampaging in those old tattered venues of Surry Hills and Darlinghurst, lifetimes ago when things were slightly more naïve but brimming with an attitude that comes from performing like there will never be another opportunity.

The moments and their interrelation intensify from “Missing Out” onwards, a middle point on the road where things get more complicated, the tarmac begins to bend, the trees become stagnant, and the atmosphere is slightly scented of madness and violation.

“Parallels”, the video-clipped single, sends me back on that highway that has been driving the entire time. Colour and shades deepen after the confusion, and the desert becomes comforting once more. Form comes into play again, and the driving beats continue the exploration with jovial entice.

Squeezing all this sonic information into these eight tracks would have required some solid compression. Likewise, the cover art is brimming with violence. However, there’s a certain grace and vulnerability in the execution of this album. Makes me want to hit the road again.

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