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Metro fast-tracked ahead of estate redevelopment

After months during which it seemed momentum may have stalled, the Waterloo redevelopment master planning process accelerated toward the end of May.


Thomas Chailloux in Waterloo Photo: Andrew Collis
Thomas Chailloux in Waterloo Photo: Andrew Collis

UrbanGrowth informed local residents of a decision to accelerate the planning process for the Metro Quarter, which will be delivered before the Waterloo Estate redevelopment. Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) then released the “Let’s Talk Waterloo Visioning Report”, summarising community input from 2017 consultations about the future of Waterloo.

If you are a local and interested resident, there is very little in the report you haven’t already heard. What might seem obvious to the local community, however, might be an extremely important piece of information for government planners. Thank you, then, for participating in shaping the future vision for Waterloo!

People want well-designed open space that suits all ages and abilities, better transport options, more social and affordable housing, and to retain the unique character of Waterloo. The report captures all of this.

The next weeks and months are crucially important. While it is encouraging to see community concerns integrated in the report, the only thing that matters is whether master plan options actually reflect these concerns and aspirations. This is why it is so important that you provide input to government about what is good and what needs to be changed during the next stage of “Waterloo options testing”. This is what we have been getting ready to do as a community for such a long time.

We have now seen plans for the Waterloo Metro Quarter. Opportunities were few and scarce, with only two drop-in sessions that occurred on May 30 and June 2. UrbanGrowth is seeking feedback online until June 20, so head there and have your say about the plans for Waterloo Metro Quarter.

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