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Making connections – social support and snow globes

EASTLAKES: South Eastern Community Connect (SECC) is a long-established non-profit community organisation which has been operating in south-eastern Sydney for 40 years. It is a multi-service outlet offering an all-stages-of-life service, connecting people to the community through its diverse range of community services and engagement activities.


SECC covers all aspects of community life in its service provision including programs for parents with new babies, families with preschool- and school-age children, youth programs, services for families with children with additional needs, and services for our multicultural community, as well as the elderly.

Specific services include family support, advice, information and referral, case work, social support, community transport, respite care, food services, dementia day centre, before and after school care, vacation care, and a range of community classes and programs to assist the community to stay connected and develop new skills.

SECC works in a community development framework and upholds the principles of social justice, access, equality, equity, respecting diversity, participation and human rights for all. One of its many programs supporting families with young children is our school holiday activities program, which is run most school holidays and is completely free of charge.

During the recent school holidays in July, children and families had a fabulous time and were able to put their imaginations to good use. Four tables were set up, each with its own winter-themed activity.

Participants built ice castles out of sugar cubes, using frozen slime as lakes, ponds and swimming pools.

Making the fake snow was fun and messy, which is, of course, the only way to do it! And once it was made, the children had more fun moulding the fake snow into snowpeople, then decorating them.

Children and adults created wind-up snowperson racer kits – and got to race them afterwards. The snow globes – with fairy-tale characters and care bears – were also a big hit.



If you would like to find out more about our range of services and programs, please contact South Eastern Community Connect at Shop 84 Eastlakes Shopping Centre, Eastlakes, phone 8338 8506 or visit

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