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Change is inevitable, but it’s how you navigate it that matters. In this ever changing world we urge everyone who cares about our society – whether you live in Sydney or Swan Hill – to remember we all deserve respect and dignity.

Our country’s success is built on this very idea of a “fair go” for all, a notion underpinned by the very basic principle of humanity. Humanity is universal in nature and urges that all people – no matter their gender, race or religion – to be treated with respect, and given the chance to live life in dignity.

In the world we have choices to make: a fair go for all, or just for some; unity or separation. We all have the chance to nurture and promote the kindness, compassion and goodness that are essentital for human dignity.

At Red Cross, we work for unity, humnaity and the injherent dignity of every person. We encourage all Australians our community, politiacal and business leaders to do the same.

Judy Slatyer

Australian Red Cross CEO

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