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Getting ready for Waterloo options

WATERLOO: A white board animation on YouTube explains how the planning process for the Waterloo estate redevelopment works – search for “Waterloo Redevelopment Masterplan Process Whiteboard Animation”. It is also available with Russian and Chinese subtitles and was produced by Inner Sydney Voice and Counterpoint Community Services.  

The three options released are “mud maps” to get people thinking about the options prior to late September consultations. Many people will find the options hard to visualise until they see scale models, shadow diagrams and obtain more background information about each of the options.

The Waterloo options reflect technical studies undertaken, which will not be seen in full until the final proposal is formally exhibited in 2019. Brief summaries of nine of the technical studies were compiled for those attending sessions on the key technical studies. This summary document is on the REDWatch website, not on the official Communities Plus Waterloo site.

Regrettably the timing of the study sessions and the short notice means that SSH readers will have missed the main weekday study sessions but might make the final drop in session on Saturday September 8, 10am-1pm at Waterloo Neighbourhood Centre. At the first study session interest exceeded the venue capacity.

With many people wanting to find out more about the options and the studies, Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) will need to make sure that it allows opportunities for all interested people to be fully informed and involved. In December 2016, LAHC promised that the engagement would be inclusive and accessible, there would be meaningful information, feedback would be actioned and the process would be responsive and timely.

For these undertakings to be met a lot more information from the technical studies and about the options will need to be made widely available, along with adequate opportunities for people to understand and make informed input into the process. This will be a much more difficult task than last year’s visioning where little input was required. With government options on the table many more people will be looking for information and the opportunity to say what they think.


Geoff Turnbull is a co-spokesperson of REDWatch. REDWatch puts out regular emails keeping people up to date with Redfern-Waterloo issues.

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