Film Review: Not Suitable For Children

Director: Peter Templeman
Starring: Ryan Kwanten, Sarah Snook
Genre: Inner Western

If ever there was an appropriate film for readers of the South Sydney Herald then Not Suitable For Children is it. Filmed in and around Newtown, including right across the road from the Dendy where I saw the film, it’s an exercise in location spotting for anyone who’s ever shared a house in the suburb, attended a party there or just had a meal on King Street.

Not Suitable for Children Movie Poster
Not Suitable for Children Movie Poster

Indeed, if you’ve done any of those you can probably relate to Not Suitable For Children, as idealised as it may be. Yes, these twenty-somethings party harder than you ever did, have more sex than you ever did, and are better looking than you are, but there’s a little bit of all of us in all of them.

It’s during a sexual encounter at one of his house parties that Jonah (Kwanten) discovers a lump on a testicle. It’s cancer, and Jonah is given three weeks before the operation that will save his life but make him infertile. Much hilarity and desperation ensues as Jonah cajoles, harasses and tries to convince ex-girlfriends, barely known acquaintances and complete strangers to have his baby.

As far as filmmaking goes there is nothing ground-breaking about Not Suitable For Children, certainly not in the storyline which follows a pretty predictable path to a standard happy ending (no pun intended). But the cast is fresh and enthusiastic, especially Snook who steals the show despite Kwanten’s TV profile, and everyone seems to be having a lot of fun.

Not Suitable For Children may not be suitable for children but it is highly suitable for adults looking for a fun night out – much like Newtown itself.

Rating: Three Pad Thais

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