Film – Juliet, Naked

Director: Director: Jesse Peretz
Starring: Starring: Rose Byrne, Ethan Hawke, Chris O'Dowd
Genre: Genre: Laugh your head on!

Juliet does not get naked in Juliet, Naked. So if you’re expecting to see Rose Byrne starkers you’re going to be disappointed. For one thing, Rose Byrne does not play Juliet. She plays Annie, whose husband Duncan (O’Dowd) is obsessed (in a conspiracy theory way) with former folk singer Tucker Crowe (Hawke), whereabouts unknown (hence the conspiracy theories).

Juliet, Naked



In fact, there is no character in the film named Juliet. Juliet, Naked is the title of one of Crowe’s albums. The story starts getting complicated when Crowe comes out of self-imposed exile and strikes up a highly unlikely friendship with Annie. Much gentle humour ensues, especially when Crowe comes to England and meets Annie and a disbelieving Duncan.


There is nothing to not like about Juliet, Naked. Everyone is pathetic and hopeless in their own way, pining for a romanticised past or a future they’re not doing much to attain. When opportunity falls in their lap, no one is really sure what to do with it. The film is very easy to relate to as it’s so down-to-earth, even cloying at times. As a result, the comedy is restrained and understated.


Juliet, Naked is no Monty Python. There’s nothing surreal here – indeed it’s all very real. With few belly laughs but many chuckles, Juliet, Naked is impossible to dislike but hard to love.

Rating: Rating: Three middles of the road.

Rating: Three middles of the road.

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