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Editorial – Waterloo metro station site clearing and excavation

Excavation and construction work will commence this month at the Waterloo metro station site. The deepest digging (the station will be 25 metres below ground level) will occur on the eastern side along Cope Street. Increased light vehicle and large vehicle movements will occur for the most part via Botany Road.

Here’s what you need to know.

While standard construction hours are Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm and Saturday between 8am and 1pm, some works are planned for outside these times. In fact, November will see round-the-clock activity, including work between 7pm and 7am, on all four site boundaries – moving trade plant and equipment, installing hoarding and scaffolding (over 15 nights); installation of new power poles and overhead cable bundling (over 20 nights).

The government has promised certain measures to manage and mitigate impact on the environment and local community: installing noise barriers; reducing the number of machines operating at the same time and turning off equipment when not in use; minimising dust by using sprinklers and covering loaded trucks; monitoring vibration to ensure works are within allowable limits; installing erosion and sediment controls; containing and reusing site water where practical.

Access to properties is to be maintained at all times.

Heritage investigations are also planned. Consultants will undertake investigations to determine any items of Aboriginal or historic significance. The Waterloo Congregational Church will be fenced off, and rock anchors installed to provide support and protection.

The site will shut down from Saturday December 23, 2017 until Sunday January 7, 2018. Security will patrol the site during this period and residents can contact the 24/7 community information line on 1800 171 386 or tunnels@transport.nsw.gov.au with any issues.

Noise, dust, traffic and general disruption can be difficult for everyone.Let’s look out for one another this holiday season. To all our readers, strength and peace for the new year.


The SSH is keen to receive resident reports and photos. Please let us know of any concerns, in particular any breaches of health, safety or security protocols: news@ssh.com.au.

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