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The shape of things to come …

We now know that 7,500 homes will be delivered in the combined Waterloo developments – 6,800 on the estate and 700 at the metro. This will comprise 2,110 public/social housing units, 5,015 private units and up to 375 affordable housing units (35 of which, in the metro, will only be for 10 years).


Including the social housing in the metro there will only be 98 more social housing units than there are now. The overall increase in dwellings on the sites is estimated to be 5,346.

We can also estimate that the whole development will generate an increase of 756 am-peak-hour car movements and 4,811 daily car movements.

The existing exit roads cannot cope with this level of traffic, so the preferred plan for the estate proposes opening up Pitt Street to McEvoy. Reducing the parking allowed on the estate could reduce the need for this entrance but a push for more parking during options testing has made the unpopular new entrance more likely.

The push from local people for Aboriginal affordable housing, which is needed to ensure that there will be a viable Aboriginal community into the future, is not mentioned in the preferred masterplan brochure. The brochure still deals only with Aboriginal culture.

Keep raising your concerns about the proposal. It is not set in concrete yet!


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