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Funding model for Pemulwuy Project


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Boiling frogs – Cartoon April 2017


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Alien life – Cartoon March 2017


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Liberty Trumped – Cartoon February 2017


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Uniting begins campaign to re-think illegal drug policies


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“If we’re a society which believes in giving people a fair go,” says Marianne Jauncey, “if we believe in saving lives, we must do something differently.”

Film – The Lure


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When it came to the Sydney Film Festival for 2016 it was difficult to resist this SFF special; a Polish musical about bisexual vampire mermaids lured into performing…

Tula Tzoras (Online Direct Democracy) – Sydney electorate candidates 2016


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The SSH posed eight questions to the candidates announced by May 24, 2016. The responses of those who replied are included here. Infrastructure In my opinion, with regard…

Theatre – Is It Time


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Is It Time

Written by Martin Ashley Jones

Directed by Barry Walsh

King Street Theatre

May 25 – June 5, 2016

More roads, more congestion


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Cities all around the world are moving away from freeways and tollways. They have discovered that roads do not work. Building more roads does not reduce congestion.

Music Review – Tussle


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Tussle was the first album for Sydney four-piece Day Ravies, released in 2013 with their label Popfrenzy. The band members (Lani Crooks, Caroline de Dear, Matt Neville and…