Social Justice

Inspiring activist revisits local connections


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Joyce Clague has spent her life creating change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Affordable Housing Assembly sends strong message to Minister


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Inclusionary targets should be applied to whole developments, not only the ‘uplift’.

Churches’ apology to sex and gender diverse community


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Official launch of Equal Voices by the Hon. Michael Kirby.

Why do we forgive men who perpetrate violence and destroy women who are the victims of it?


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Does any of this sound familiar? A man is arrested charged, pleads guilty and convicted of killing his partner. His community says: he was such a lovely fella,…

Easter – a time for action


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This Easter all are encouraged to join the annual Palm Sunday Rally through Sydney on April 9 to say “We Can Do Better” for refugees.

Peaceful presidential election in Timor-Leste


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Francisco Lu-Olo Guterres, the President of FRETILIN, was elected to be the National President of Timor-Leste on March 20, with an absolute majority.

Lady Justice gagged, not silenced


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Community lawyers, gagged and dressed as “Lady Justice” figures, gathered at Belmore Park on March 29 to protest for Community Legal Centres, which are facing 30 per cent cuts to their Commonwealth funding.

Housing affordability – time for NSW to turn words into action


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Housing experts and NGOs argue a 15-30 per cent minimum for affordable housing should apply to all units in new developments.

Why we still need the Mardi Gras


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I remember the first Mardi Gras. It was 1978, and it was a different world back then.

Invasion Day rally reveals momentum for change


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January 26 saw over 10,000 people marching from The Block in Redfern to the Yabun festival in Victoria Park.