Theatre – I Walk in Your Words


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I Walk in Your Words is an astounding piece of small theatre.

Theatre – On the Border of Things


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On the Border of Things advertises itself as “a bilingual performance exploring the movement of people, agriculture and the environment”, and it is all of these. However, it is, above all, a tender love story and an intimate exploration of art making.

Theatre – Blind Tasting


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Paul Gilchrist’s Blind Tasting is a much-performed play from the repertoire of subtlenuance, and deservedly so, as it is funny, sharp at times, sad at others and consistently entertaining. Add to this, the charm, vitality and grace brought to this one-woman performance by Sylvia Keays, and the result is a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Theatre – Barbara and the Camp Dogs


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A profound and wonderful experience, Barbara and the Camp Dogs, takes the audience on a journey from Sydney to Katherine, from anger to potential resolution, all the while sustaining the illusion they are attending a gig in a local hotel.

Dance Theatre – Ones Country


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The brilliant Bangarra’s second Carriagework season, Ones Country: The Spine of Our Stories, presents three new works and introduces three debut choreographers. Each dance tells a story of the choreographers’ heritage, encompassing North East Arnhem Land, the urban wilderness and Torres Strait Islands.

Theatre – Bloody Murder


· Tuesday, October 31, 2017 · 1 Comment 


You need not be familiar with the conventions of Agatha Christie-style murder mysteries to enjoy Bloody Murder but if you are, this excellent production is exceptionally funny.

Theatre – As You Like It


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As You Like It may be taken as you like it. A month ago it was possible to see this popular Shakespearean play in Melbourne performed by an all-male cast and currently it is being performed in Sydney as the debut production of the all-female She Shakespeare Company.

Theatre – The Nether


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Jennifer Haley’s The Nether won the Blackburn Prize in 2012 and stirred debate among critics. Some found it “disturbingly sensationalist”, some found it “intensely provocative”, and some “squirm-inducing”.

Theatre – My Future … Waterloo


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Our Future Waterloo was the happy result of a collaboration between Milk Crate Theatre, Sydney Story Factory and the “always awesome Class Six students of Mt Carmel”. From the students’ moving acknowledgement of Gadigal land to their closing affirmation of team work and community, Class Six impressed by their sincerity and commitment.

Theatre – I’d Rather Goya Robbed Me of My Sleep Than …


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I’d Rather Goya Robbed Me of My Sleep Than Some Other Son of a Bitch, Rodrigo Garcia’s sling shot at capitalism, is expertly aimed by Anna Jahjah, her cast and production crew.