Theatre Review: Cristina in the Cupboard


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Her cupboard is limitless capable of hosting a panorama of characters and scenarios as Cristina interrogates her father, Robert, mother, Gwen and sister, Anna, girlfriends and an old boyfriend.  At times these significant others appear to interact with…

Theatre Review: Rocket Man


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Attending this subtlenuance presentation is like entering another world. Imagine coming in from a cold winter’s night, a climb up worn carpeted stairs, welcoming words from Daniela Giorgio (producer), a short time spent in a dimly lit book-lined bar with other friendly theatre seekers. At the sound of a bell, we move along a narrow passage, our path traced by a tube of tiny lights, and emerge into a bedroom, the most personal of spaces, within – by implication – a shared house.

Theatre Review: Russian Theatre Double Bill – Scenes from The Cherry Orchard + Ivanov


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Anton Chekhov (1860-1904) wrote complex socio-psychological plays in a context of revolution and modernisation. Second-year students of the Actors Centre Australia staged a bold production of scenes from two of the Russian writer’s well-known works, showcasing thoughtful and skilful understanding of the texts’ dramatic and comedic elements.

Stages of learning


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SURRY HILLS: Back in late March, second-year students of the Actors Centre Australia (ACA) staged their first performance of the year, showcasing their talents and the results of hard work.

Theatre Review: The Political Hearts of Children


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Most adults in our society would see children as apolitical. However, as The Political Hearts of Children suggests through this performance of seven unique childhood memories, the young are early introduced to the notion of power-holding and powerlessness through the relationship of child to child, adult to child, parent to child, and community to child.

Milk Crate creativity


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In December Milk Crate Theatre was presented the Macquarie Group Foundation’s Social Innovation Award in recognition of its community shows program, Australia’s only ongoing theatre program devised “by the homeless community for the homeless community”. Long-time participant, Helen (not her real name), spoke with the SSH about acting, artistic collaborations and developing skills for life.

Theatre Review:


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As expected from playwright Alana Valentine, Tinderbox, directed with a lyrical toughness by Zoe Carides, is both provocative and tender.

Weaving stories of survival and healing


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For three years now, in support of ASCA’s Blue Knot Day, Heather Robinson, chair of the South Sydney Uniting Church, and minister Rev. Andrew Collis, have led a prayer service for adults surviving child abuse. This year, however, on Saturday November 3, the church was host to a unique visual art and storytelling presentation.

Sydney Festival – local highlights


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It’s going to be an exciting Sydney Festival and plenty of it can be seen locally. Carriageworks and the Seymour Centre will once again be busy venues and for the first time the Festival will be taking itself to the streets and parks of Erskineville.

Theatre Review:
Into the Mirror


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The five intersecting stories of Into the Mirror celebrate identity and affirm the choices of its characters. At the play’s close, a mirror, draped in a dark cloth at its opening and used by various characters to reflect their image throughout, is left uncovered as characters discover that they need not be afraid of what they see.