Theatre – Cold Light


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Is an unexamined life worth living? Clearly, Edith Campbell Berry (a vivacious Sonia Todd), the central character of Alana Valentine’s adaption of Frank Moorhouse’s novel, Cold Light, does not think so. Her summation of her own 70 years of existence is that she gave everything to participate but briefly in the making of the historical moment but she “bungled her inner life”.

Theatre – Under Milk Wood


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The frequently performed Under Milk Wood described by its author as “a play for voices” was originally intended to be a radio play. It is, perhaps, better heard than seen but its enchanting mix of poetry, poignancy and sly comedy makes it an attractive choice for small theatres. Overall, Ylaria’s Rogers’s production is well balanced allowing the sly jokes and sexual innuendo to have their place but at the same time keeping a sense of the strange wonder at the universal ironies of human existence.

Theatre – Losing You (Twice)


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Initially O’Keeffe, effectively interacting with back projection, introduces us to her family, siblings, parents and legendary Nan through a funny and affectionate home video made at her younger…

Theatre – The Mystery of Love and Sex


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The Mystery of Love and Sex is one of three plays by Bathsheba Doran referred to collectively as ‘The Marriage Plays’ exploring the ways in which socio-economic and cultural factors play into love and friendship. It is indeed a mystery that, given the complexities of our own nature and the complications of navigating cultural assumptions, we manage to have relatively enduring relationships at all.

Theatre – Losing You (Twice)


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At the close of Kate O’Keeffe’s Losing You (Twice) the audience seemed almost unable to encompass the terrible irony of the O’Keeffe family’s story. Horror at the relentless way in which events are resolved and pity for the suffering of the individuals involved give this story about an ordinary family from Geelong a classically tragic dimension.

Theatre – Jasper Jones


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Sixteen-year-old Indigenous Jasper Jones (Guy Simon) is a scapegoat for the town of Corrigan whose parental population are content to blame him for all their children’s wrongdoings.

Theatre – A Life in the Theatre


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In turns desperately sand, side-spittingly funny or warmly compassionate.

The drovers’ wives


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The Drover’s Wife, written by Leah Purcell and directed by Laticia Caceres, was recently at the Belvoir Theatre, with a magnificent Leah Purcell taking the role of the drover’s wife.

Theatre Review – Elixir


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Presented by Head First Acrobats

Creatives/Performers: Tom Gorham, Callan Harris and Rowan Thomas

Seymour Theatre

September 20-24, 2016

Letters to Lindy


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The 20,000 letters sent to Lindy Chamberlain sparked a new play.