Theatre – A Taste of Honey


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Written by a 19 year-old Shelagh Delaney, set in working class Britain and first produced in 1958, how relevant is A Taste of Honey to a Sydney audience in 2018? Its central interests – were challenging in its time.

Theatre – The Diary of a Wombat


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The Diary of a Wombat is about looking at things from a different point of view.

Theatre – Dark Emu


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A dance response to Bruce Pascoe’s seminal book of the same name, Dark Emu was created by Stephen Page in collaboration with senior Bangarra dancer Daniel Riley, company alumnus Yolande Browne and the Bangarra dancers.

Theatre – The Servant of Two Masters


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The play’s good humour – and ensemble cast – make it a happy choice for Anna Jahjah’s Théâtre Excentrique workshop production.

Theatre – The Sugar House


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The Belvoir’s choice of Alana Valentine’s The Sugar House, set in the once working-class industrial and port community of Pyrmont, is timely in view of the gentrification of the nearby locality of Redfern-Waterloo.

Theatre – Apactalyptic


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PACT held their second Salon for 2018, entitled Apactalyptic, a one-night mini-festival of performance, music and art, examining, exploring and reflecting on the ends of the world.

Theatre – Josephine Wants to Dance


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Josephine Wants to Dance is a charming and lively entertainment for the 4 to 9 to 80 year olds.

Theatre – The Sound of Waiting


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Mary Anne Butler was inspired to write The Sound of Waiting, shortlisted for the NSW Premier’s Award for Literature, by former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Theatre – One Way Mirror


· Saturday, April 7, 2018 · 1 Comment 


A one way mirror is sometimes called a two way mirror, a character from Paul Gilchrist’s play of the same name, informs his girlfriend. The object under discussion, a reciprocal mirror, is a means by which people can be observed without their knowledge, and works only when one side is brightly lit and the observers’ side is in darkness. It is a metaphor for something, but what?

Theatre – Fly Me to the Moon


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Produced by the Mosman Musical Society, the cabaret style Fly Me to the Moon is an excellent evening’s entertainment. The selection and variety of songs from more mellow and less worldly times combined with the enormous talent of this dedicated group assured the audience of a heart-warming, “feel-good” performance.