Weave Only Just Begun


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Formerly known as South Sydney Youth Services, WEAVE is a non-profit community organisation working with approximately 2,000 people, over 60 per cent of whom are Indigenous Australians. Thursday…

Book Review – Love & Hunger: Thoughts on the Gift of Food


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  Love & Hunger by Charlotte Wood differs from regular cookbooks in that it touches more on the act of cooking as a way to support and care…

Gunyadyu – July 2012


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Gunyadyu – June 2012


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Gunyadyu – May 2012


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Become a Sydney local in a day


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Two men sit casually sharing a conversation, enjoying a clear summer night. A lighting display burns the word “Redfern” on the balcony above. A stranger driving past pulls over and sees it as a perfect Kodak moment to document “Redfern inhabitants”. She takes the photo and continues on. If she’d returned the next night she might have found the same men in the same place – with one difference. If she had spent the time to learn about the people, who they were and what Redfern was about, she may have taken a slightly different photo.

Gunyadyu – April 2012


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Gunyadyu – February 2012


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