Ever so lively, oh so sultry


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Late last year I was sitting on the grass in the beautiful Glenworth Valley watching the first act of the Peats Ridge Festival: The Rescue Ships. This was my first experience of anything Elana Stone and I was blown away, not only by the band’s engaging folk/pop melodies, but also by her truly awe-inspiring voice. Fast-forward to July 9, 2012, inside the cool and intimate confines of Venue 505 on Cleveland Street, where I’m waiting with bated breath for the tiny frame of Elana Stone to capture me with her solo show as much her previously mentioned collaboration with Brian Campeau. In short, she doesn’t disappoint, but more on that in a minute.

See Sydney pre-1788


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Virtual Warrane II evolved from the original and successful Virtual Warrane exhibition showcased five years ago at Sydney’s Customs House. This latest version uses more advanced computer graphics to provide a more realistic, accurate and immersive heritage experience, while respecting the original custodians of Sydney Cove.

Write me a story


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The Sydney Story Factory is open for busy-ness in Redfern! An official opening in July was attended by the Governor, Professor Marie Bashir, and regular workshops are now in full swing.

Gunyadyu – August 2012


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Artist in the House – Artist Profile: Jovana Terzic


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Although Serbian artist, Jovana Terzic, has been in Australia less than 12 months, the Belgrade-born 30 year old is awe-struck by Australia. “My expectations have been far exceeded,”…

Music Review:Fighting words we Herd


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The so-called Pacific solution ran from 2001 to 2007. Now we’ve seen similar policies put forward by both sides of parliament. What are your thoughts on that? It…

Film Review – Polisse


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While Polisse is an intense and personal exploration of the lives of these detectives, the acting is, overall, excellent, and the scripting insightful, funny at times and intensely…

Film Review – Prometheus


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What made the original Alien great and ground-breaking is that it was a horror film set in space. Instead of ghosts and haunted houses there were aliens and…

Laurels not resting on debut: Music Review


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How long have you been working on material for Plains? I’ve noticed that “A Rival” has been a closer in your sets for a while now. Yeah, that’s…

What’s on your plate? – Street Food


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Where is the street food in Australia? More to the point, where is it on a rainy winter’s morning on Chalmers Street? I’m not asking for much, just…