South Sydney sings!


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Recently I was asked to venture out into the wonderful world of choirs. To my surprise it wasn’t a very long journey, as there are many choirs based in our local area. One of the beautiful voices I was fortunate enough to sit down and have a chat to was Andreas from the Camdenville Community Choir based at Camdenville Public School.

Behind small bars


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REDFERN: With the opening of several small bars on Redfern and Regent streets in recent months, such as the Dock or Arcadia Liquors, Redfern has developed a reputation as the new small bar hotspot. But what draws these bar owners to Redfern and what does it say about Redfern and its inhabitants?

On The Road


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Up until watching On The Road I was sure that I had read Jack Kerouac’s ground-breaking novel about sex, drugs, booze, music and travel while doing likewise, backpacking in my 20s. Now I’m not so sure. On The Road may be a backpacker standard, but it either left no impression on me or I indulged too much to remember.

Beasts of the Southern Wild


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The argument goes that there are only five storylines and every film is a rehash of one of them. So it’s refreshing to see a film that is a genuinely different take on the age-old story of being different. Walking out of the State Theatre after a Sydney Film Festival screening, one cinemagoer was overheard ungrammatically calling it “the most unique film I’ve ever seen”.

We can see your halo


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CHIPPENDALE: Following a weekend when Sydney experienced the strongest winds for years, Halo, Jennifer Turpine and Michaelie Crawford’s newest public artwork, was unveiled on one of the few still sunny mornings this August.

Gunyadyu – September 2012


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Theatre Review:
Coranderrk: We Will Show The Country


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Coranderrk: We Will Show The Country is verbatim-style theatre that tells the story of the men and women of the Coranderrk Aboriginal Reserve who took on the Board for the Protection of Aborigines in Victoria.

Film Review: Not Suitable For Children


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If ever there was an appropriate film for readers of the South Sydney Herald then Not Suitable For Children is it. Filmed in and around Newtown, including right across the road from the Dendy where I saw the film, it’s an exercise in location spotting for anyone who’s ever shared a house in the suburb, attended a party there or just had a meal on King Street.

Between two worlds
Artist Profile: Teena McCarthy


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Since the radical success of Intervention Intervention, local artist and curator, Teena McCarthy hasn’t taken a backward step. The intense image, a boot print stomping over desert, quickly became the iconic image of the exhibition. “It’s been a career highlight so far,” Teena says. “Artists from every state, hundreds of people at the opening, media local, national and international. Iranian TV online rang me on the day.”

Engaging the arts in Marrickville


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The Marrickville Multifaith Roundtable (MMR) is a small group of faith communities in the Marrickville Local Government Area that meets regularly to promote a better understanding between people of different faiths and denominations. It is represented by faith groups from Anglican, Catholic, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Uniting Church traditions.