Film Review: Ruby Sparks


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Joe Kazan (she’s a she), who wrote and stars in Ruby Sparks, has pulled off the incredible by turning a male fantasy into a date film. How else to describe a film with the basic premise of a writer afflicted with writer’s block (Dano) suddenly discovering that anything he writes about a girl he dreams about (Ruby Sparks – Kazan) comes true?

Theatre Review:


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Have you got PMA? Carlotta, one of nine characters in Fearless, has PMA, and after a suitable suspense, sings an explanation [see below].

Raising a vegetarian child


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Ever wondered what effect raising a child from birth as a vegan or vegetarian would have upon their outlook and behaviour? Well, here are some theories.

Art home away from home


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Back in 2001, a collective of young artists eager to offer a more low-key approach to art decided to take over a run-down workshop in Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, which came to be known as the Knot Gallery & the Frequency Lab. But after five years of hosting art exhibitions, concerts (hip-hop band The Herd played there, amongst many others), spoken word performances, and generally being a social and gathering place, the team had to drop the curtain and was left without a space.

Encouraging Indigenous creative artists


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CICADA International Inc. (Contemporary Independent Creative Artist Development Agency) is a not-for-profit association established in Redfern in July 2009. It has done, and is doing, some great things for Indigenous musicians.

Artist Profile: Alana Valentine
Together we can!


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Redfern resident, Alana Valentine, has won the top award for best new play about science and technology in the 5th STAGE international script competition. Her play entitled Ear to the Edge of Time was selected from over 200 entries from 19 different countries.

Celebrating diversity through visual arts and poetry


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DULWICH HILL: fifty-five art works from artists around the Marrickville area were exhibited on friday and Saturday, August 24 and 25, in the Seaview Gallery at Dulwich High. Mayor of Marrickville, Councillor Morris Hanna and Dr Rod Pattenden, Chair of the Blake Society, opened the exhibition of visual art and poetry created by local residents of all ages. About 80 people gathered for the opening.

Bean fair, done that


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A cool sounding Italian name used to be the sign of a truly good coffee, but today’s discerning coffee drinkers tend to ask questions like “Is this organic” or “Is this Fairtrade?” Most of those cool Italian brands answer “no” to both questions, and they face competition from boutique coffee labels that say “yes”. According to Alex, the G Cafe owner at Lawson Square, Redfern, about 10-15 per cent of customers care if the coffee is organic, but fewer know or care about Fairtrade.

Saving the Sando


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NEWTOWN: If you are someone who follows what is happening in the hotel industry, or even the music industry, then you’ll already know that the Sandringham Hotel has been forced into receivership. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then let me fill you in.

The Dinner Party – food, ideas, action


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Can discussions around a (dinner) table improve the social fabric? This question by sociologist and social commentator Eva Cox, raises her concern about increasing levels of political disengagement and distrust. “We need healthy democratic debates rather than political crap that makes people tune out. Polls and surveys show rising levels of distrust of politicians chasing votes with dollars, not good ideas. This may threaten both good government and social well being.”