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Three colours are available, red, yellow and blue; each small hexagon must be one solid colour; and adjoining hexagons must be different colours. How many different ways can…

What’s the buzz about Juanita Neilson and gentrification?


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Zanny Begg’s ‘The Beehive’ reminds us the fight for housing justice is far from over.

Theatre – The Rise and Fall of Little Voice


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The opening sequence quickly establishes the period as loquacious Mari is having the phone connected, and her lubricious manner with the electrician (Kip Chapman) quickly establishes her blowsy…

Cave’s ‘Until’ tilts perspectives


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Until is imbued with hope for a better world and free at Carriageworks until March 3 – so make a date to catch its drift.

Connecting to country


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Writing the Country explores the human connection to country at this time of great change and threat.

Toward a truthful and hopeful national identity


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Yabun is upbeat, inspiring, empowering and confronting.

Theatre – Counting and Cracking


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The colourful Counting and Cracking is completely absorbing from beginning to end.

Theatre – The Wind in the Willows


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Welcome to ASC’s sixteenth outdoor annual production of Kenneth Graham’s children’s classic, The Wind in the Willows.

Counting down to international success


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According to Indigenous actor Rarriwuy Hicks the spectacular new production Counting and Cracking “will look as lovely and amazing as it’s going to feel to be in it”.

Theatre – Dubboo: Life of a Songman


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Dubboo reflects upon the complex life of Nunukul/Munaldjali man, David Page, while celebrating his creativity as composer, musician, actor, singer and drag queen.