Anthropologies Imaginaires – solo vocal performance


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Canadian Gabriel Dharmoo’s musical practice encompasses composition, performance, vocal improvisation and ethnomusicological research.

Music – Goodnight City


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It took me a while to play the record again. But the second time through it clicked. This was a virtuoso musician having fun and exploring the incredible…

Live Music – Girls to the front at the Sad Grrrls Club


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High profile musicians call out the abusive behaviour of men attending their shows.

Music Review – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds


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On first listen I thought all the people raving about Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ 16th album needed to get out more. And way too much emphasis…

Setting the stage for gender equity


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Contemporary music policy and industry development address.

Music Review – Black and Amber


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TJ Eckleberg is the future of music.

Music Review – Wildflower


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Wildflower manages to meld psych-folk, hip hop, rap and disco to create a nostalgic album. This is a dreamy journey through the history of music. Indeed, Robbie Charter,…

Sounding the sacred


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Richard has an extraordinary ear for finding talented musicians, such as Yaw Derkyi, a Ghanaian percussionist, and Shohrat Tursun, a recognised master in 1,000-year-old song cycles using voice…

‘The good, the bad and the things we wish we could change’


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Put together by Sydney based Aboriginal organisation YARN Australia, Blackfella-Whitefella, Any Fella saw a solid crowd gather to enjoy a lineup of deadly Aboriginal and non-Indigenous bands including reggae groovers…

Music Review – Tussle


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Tussle was the first album for Sydney four-piece Day Ravies, released in 2013 with their label Popfrenzy. The band members (Lani Crooks, Caroline de Dear, Matt Neville and…