Video Set kick-start sophomore effort – An interview with Liz Hughes


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Sydney band Video Set (formerly Salta) will record an EP of new material in coming months. Their live shows of late – acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, two- and three-part harmonies and short video projections – have attracted increasing interest and praise. Liz Hughes talks about plans for 2014.

A film about heroes


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Two thousand people attended the premiere of London-based documentary filmmaker John Pilger’s latest project, Utopia, at the Block in Redfern on January 17.

DVD Review: A Gun in Each Hand (2012) (Una Pistola En Cado Mano)


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Neither a western nor a thriller, A Gun in Each Hand is a witty, sympathetically observed and gentle satire upon the contemporary middle-class male with beautifully nuanced performances by an…

Film Review: Filth


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Dirty Harry had no qualms when it came to vigilantism, while Garry Oldman’s DEA agent Stansfield in Leon (1994) was happy to knock off the family of the man who undercut his supply of cocaine.

Film Review: Gravity


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As a child, I always wanted to be an astronaut, and after watching Gravity I still want to be one. Sure, there are the stomach churning spins in…

Film Review: Rush


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Genius in filmmaking is about making an audience crave that for which they really know they shouldn’t. Trainspotting made heroin desirable. Easy Rider makes you want to rush out and buy a motor bike. The Hangover series makes you want a drink. And Rush makes you want to drive fast. Really fast. Formula One fast.

Film Review: Lovelace


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Films about porn are usually more interesting than porn films themselves. The production values, soundtrack and acting are all better for starters. Admittedly, there’s usually only one climax and you have to sit through an hour and a half or so to see it, but it tends to be more satisfying and longer lasting than the X-rated variety, or it should be if it’s any good.

Redfern Now – again!


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Award-winning ABC series Redfern Now is returning to our screens from October 31 for six new episodes. The critically acclaimed show, produced by Blackfella Films, has again brought together the best Indigenous writers, producers and actors to tell these powerful inner-city stories. It won a string of awards last year, including Logies and more recently the TV Series of the Year title at the Deadly Awards. “It’s really exciting to be given this second opportunity to tell more stories of ordinary people put under extraordinary pressure, we’re really thrilled,” says Blackfella Films producer Miranda Dear.

Film Review: The World’s End


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Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are very funny people. To see them interviewed is a running gag fest, often at each other’s expense. But moviegoers expecting The World’s End to be a laugh-a-thon are going to be disappointed.

Film Review: Elysium


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Elysium has all the basic ingredients of a great science fiction film.